Amusement park staff training

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Amusement park staff training

Amusement park equipment, we can help customer training, let them know that amusement park safe operation and maintenance of equipment, the company has professional training instructors, will help you to start from the basic to fully understand you buy entertainment devices, can easily cope with entertainment equipment daily operation, repair and maintenance, you can also consult our amusement park management and operation way, my company all over the world for many years of successful cases brings effective reference value

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Design and manufacture of amusement equipment


We focus on high quality amusement equipment design and production,enterprise brand in the amusement industry whole set up,amusement equipment new interactive experience,and Science and technology  innovative combination with amusement equipment.

according to the customer actual situation,1 to 1  to provide you with consulting, research, analysis, planning, etc ,so as to protect your amusement park project would be to achieve and berond your business goals.

We provide professional one-stop service, from the amusement park planning and design, equipment selection, appearance design,creative , installation, operation and maintenance.


Products are exported to all over the world

Amusement equipment theme customization


Rich creative design,Enterprise inner strength


Zhipao compan y as a research and development center of china amusement equipment industry,wirh Jilin university & Beijing university technology cooperation,have more than 20 patents,With large amusement equipment manufacturing and installation the highest grade A qualification.Application of orbit design、Track production, mute control、Fall prevention, ejection device ,such as the core technology in domestic and international leading level.Electric control system adopts automatic duplexed control,  reached the international leading level, which can realize a button to start, photoelectric orientation, the entire sensor display and alarm, back to the station automatic unlock  control function.Important parts of  products all adopt the innovative design of double insurance,have solved  the amusement equipment safety question,Write to the national standard by China special equipment inspection institute;At the same time the company has domestic two of the most top amusement equipment designers,the introduction of the world's most advanced design software apple roller coaster simulation software,Lead design capability,Research and design of its mobius curve ring,4D roller coaster ,rotating flying tower, etc,to fill the gaps in the Chinese market.


Cooperate with famous universities

PLC electrical control system

Full set of insurance device

Professional qualification certificate and patent certificate


Qualification certificate  Zhipao Powerful


Special equipment manufacturing and installation permit qualifications, patents, production safety and quality certification!