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There are many new types of large-scale amusement equipment on the market every year . How to verify the income effect of the new  large-scale amusement equipment ? After all , the old large-scale amusement equipment already has many sites in operation , and the revenue effect of these large-scale amusement equipment can have reliable data reference , so how can the new large-scale amusement equipment receive the assessment ?


In order to help the industry operators improve the economic benefits , attract more customers , fully deal with the old products can ' t attract customers , low economic benefits , and limited operation . As a professional manufacturer of all kinds of large-scale amusement equipment , we define the operation of the amusement project as a system engineering to improve the market trend , focus on the latest market dynamics as the core goal , improve the environment atmosphere and update the hardware facilities for the system innovation project formed by the specific means .

First, grasp the market trend, clear product direction

Based on the study of market demand, the characteristics of market demand are summarized through extensive investigation and statistical analysis of the consumption of recreational items in a certain region. In order to provide the most powerful guidance for the innovation direction, it is clear that the indoor and outdoor recreation projects which are most favored by the tourists in the market will form the first step of the innovation project.

Second, innovate the way of combination and create new products.

In the recreation industry, especially in the specific means of experiential project innovation, the innovation of combination mode is a less cost and easier way to realize. This includes both an internal combination of different recreational events, as well as a combination of water and land rides, through which a new leisure and entertainment experience product is formed, but this combination requires not only novelty, strangeness and comfort, Moreover, the function should be reasonable and the functional area should be allocated properly. Participation and experience are the core features of leisure and entertainment projects. In the aspect of innovation of recreational projects, the attraction of leisure and entertainment projects can be improved by strengthening the participation of tourists and innovating the way of experience.

Third, update the hardware facilities to lead the trend of the project

 For some recreational and experiential entertainment projects with short life cycle, the elimination of hardware facilities is relatively fast, which requires continuous updating of the equipment. And the equipment renewal is not only the old to replace the new, but also to follow the trend, constantly introduce the new entertainment facilities-this is also an innovative idea of indoor leisure and entertainment projects. However, more investment is needed to upgrade the hardware facilities, and this innovation must be based on the scientific analysis and prediction of the profitability of the new equipment. Therefore, the revenue effect of each large amusement equipment can be guaranteed not only by the attractiveness of the equipment, but also by choosing a reasonable site to operate, and by having a feasible marketing strategy to drive the popularity. More importantly, the quality of large amusement equipment must pass the border, in case of any small problems, amusement equipment factory staff can first time to the site maintenance, not delay normal business hours.