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On May,water amusement equipment is very popular, according to incomplete statistics, , the number of newly opened water amusement parks reached 200 parks last year. A lot of people think water amusement equipment is so popular in summer, land amusement equipment is not so good to operate? In fact, Hebei zhipao amusement equipment manufacturers think that summer to launch fun new amusement equipment can pull the business situation.

Amusement equipment manufacturers tell you that business has tricks, business has rules. Each season has its own characteristics, and in summer, people are afraid of heat, so play with water is more popular. But this situation is not present the land amusement project is not to manage, the key is to see if the amusement park in your amusement park is fun, whether is fresh, whether is enough exciting!

 In the summer, many amusement equipment manufacturers are also starting to develop a combination of land and water sports new amusement equipment, only continuous launching of new amusement equipment can satisfy the customers. 

 There is more than one benefit of launching new amusement equipment in the summer, which brings a series of chain effects to operators, increases the popularity of the park, and allows tourists to spread and talk as leisure. Also can be used as brand publicity, for the park to bring more offline word of mouth spread.