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First, wooden roller coaster: wooden roller coaster track similar to the traditional train tracks. The roller coaster's metal wheels roll on flat metal strips, each of which is 10 to 15 centimeters wide. This metal bar is fastened to the track by screws, and the track is made of glued boards. The track is mostly steep slope and lateral rotation, rarely seen flip.

 Second, torsion roller coaster: a sitting roller coaster, generally small, with many different tracks, extremely curved. The famous B & M company is known all over the world for its roller coaster.

  Third,Standing roller coaster: a standing roller coaster in which the whole body can feel the surge of blood in the body.

  Fourth, the super torsion roller coaster (also known as the MEGA roller coaster): although it's called the torsion roller coaster, it doesn't flip, it just preserves some hillsides. Give the rider a strong sense of weightlessness. The area of land is generally large and expensive. Can be regarded as wooden roller coaster steel upgrade.

  Fifth, the rocket roller coaster (also known as grade roller coaster with a height of more than 120 meters) generally has extremely high slopes that are driven by hydraulic wheels or LIM to rush up about 100m high slopes or other track elements. The roller coaster currently holds the world's highest roller coaster crown.

  Sixth,Flying skateboard: a surfboard roller coaster, driven by LIM, shuttling back and forth on U-shaped tracks.

  Seventh,Ball roller coaster: a roller coaster that sits on either side of the car and rotates freely. Track length generally not exceeding 200 metres

  Eighth, Roller coaster: a roller coaster with low, low slope and low speed, which covers a small area and is suitable for children

  Ninth,Large water pipe: a roller coaster that spatters extremely high, irresistible waterfalls. The entire roller coaster building is generally built in a pool and is not long.

  Tenth,A diving machine (also known as a vertical roller coaster, a roller coaster with an extra wide carriage, usually a row of 8 to 10 people, with a 90 degree vertical drop). And usually there is a chain brake before falling (a short stop near the 90 degree slope and then suddenly down.)

  Eleventh,Helical roller coaster: a sitting roller coaster characterized by a plug-opening screw.

  Twelfth,Riding roller coaster: a roller coaster in which the carriage is made into a horse or motorcycle for you to experience the pleasure of riding at high speed.

  Thirteenth,Tower roller coaster: a vertical roller coaster that immediately turns to the ground and releases when it is raised to the top, usually with a pitch greater than 90 degrees, smaller carriages, faster twists, and a very exciting roller coaster.

  Fourteenth,4D roller coaster : a very high - tech roller coaster which is hung outside the main carriage and can be turned upside down along with the design of the track , plus the turning of the main carriage along the track to give people a different ride experience .

Fifteenth,X-car roller coaster: a roller coaster with very few human restraints. The roller coaster uses only stadium-style open seats, and the safety device compacts the waist so that it cannot move. In addition, all other body parts of the rider are free, giving a feeling of open riding.

  Sixteen, flip pulse roller coaster: shuttling back and forth between two vertical orbits with LIM drive

  Seventeenth,Rolling roller coaster: circular track, multiple flips. The car hangs below the track, without floor, and its feet are suspended while riding, making passengers feel like riding in a fighter jet with a sharp twist.

  Eighteenth, one of the roller coasters: B & M's signature roller coaster. People are on their knees on this roller coaster and are free to open their arms, just like flying birds.

  Nineteenth,Swing roller coaster: a roller coaster that can swing freely when it turns its own centrifuge.