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Everyone's first impression of amusement equipment, track, tend to be tall steel structure slide, addicted to the vivid shapes and colors, but few people notice the hidden in the concrete column, nondescript embedded parts. It is these unremarkable embedded parts that make tourists happy, ensure people's safety, and let them not worry about the future.

What are the embedded parts? The embedded parts are the components installed in the concealed engineering in advance, which are the parts installed when the structure is cast, because of the construction of the superstructure. It is conducive to the installation and fixation of external engineering equipment foundation. Most embedded parts are made of metal.As embedded parts of amusement equipment foundation bearing, his installation accuracy directly related to the quality and safety of the whole steel structure, is the most critical in the process of large-scale amusement equipment installation is an important link. So how to ensure the accurate installation of embedded parts?

I.Be familiar with drawings

according to the location of the construction drawing information to determine equipment such as monomer, the relative position of embedded parts, etc., with construction unit coordination communication in advance, to ensure the smooth construction, measurement engineer for equipment installation drawings are very familiar with, by the repeated check equipment installation drawings and construction drawings, determine the accuracy and completeness.
Check the coordinates and determine the coordinate origin.
Cross-checked according to drawings and site construction drawings, the presence of coordinate timely feedback, avoid the embedded parts late construction drawings of the error, delay the subsequent installation progress of body structure.

Measuring instruments
The design drawing of the embedded parts of the equipment requires an error of no more than 5mm. In order to ensure the installation precision, the high-precision full-station instrument is selected.
II.Control point control

In order to ensure the accuracy of the control points, measurement engineers need to be in control points of construction unit based on the monitor,guarantee precision meet the demand of equipment installation,try to avoid accidental factors lead to the position of control points, have been supervised by observatory, better guarantee the accuracy of the control network.

III.Assembly of embedded parts

  For each embedded object from the group, transportation to the scene of each link, all want to someone to check his size, ensure the bolt and screw center error is not more than 2 mm, colleagues in order to prevent pollution, pouring concrete positioning plate on the thread to use tape winding, positioning plate isolation thread will parcel tape, ensure the length of the drawings.The surveyor then repeated the adjustment of the assembled embedded parts to ensure that the construction requirements are met.

IV.Installation of embedded parts

Install the embedded parts
And construction units to review or reinforcing cage position, location and correct according to the drawing number will correspond to the embedded parts in a corresponding basis or reinforcement cage, position if wrong after rectification for embedded parts again after the completion of installation.

Positioning of embedded parts
During the installation process, in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, using a leica TS09 high-precision total station, the coordinate error shall not be greater than 5 mm, installation of embedded parts mainly divided into embedded parts installation, embedded parts measurement, embedded parts cleaning and product protection are three main steps.

3.Fixed welding

Make independent steel bar support frame system and reinforce embedded parts. The reinforcement support frame system needs to be separated from the reinforcement of civil structure to reduce the influence on the embedded parts in the subsequent civil construction.

measurement of embedded parts
During the installation process, surveyor by using total station monitored the embedded object position and guide the installation personnel position of embedded parts and embedded parts after the reinforcement of reiteration, guarantee precision meet the requirements. If there is a gap, correct it in time.
Civil parties after completion of binding reinforcing steel bar cage and template support to retest of embedded parts, fill out the embedded parts measurement report and notify the owner before concrete pouring and other related units for site acceptance and perfect information.
In the process of casting, tracking measurement should be carried out to prevent the accuracy of embedded parts from being affected by concrete casting.
Re-test the embedded parts after concrete casting within half an hour after the completion of concrete casting, and timely deal with the deviated embedded parts.
VI.Protection of finished products of embedded parts

Before pouring concrete, use plastic sleeve, protective cover or tape wrapped screw to avoid screw contamination during concrete pouring. After solidification, the concrete residue on the foundation and screw surface shall be cleaned in time, and the anti-rust treatment shall be carried out by applying lubricating oil to the screw.

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