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For those who want to enter the amusement industry, the first need to find out what is necessary to start an amusement park, here is to explain the funding required to start a amusement item:

The funds invested in the preceding period are as follows:

1, Site rent, simple decoration costs.

Cost of purchasing amusement equipment.
Advertising investment, tickets, membership cards and other expenses feesbefore the opening 
Business licenses and related business procedures
The following funds were invested at the later stage:

The cost of cleaning, if small, can be cleaned by yourself, clean once a week or regularly by professional cleaner.
Usual equipment maintenance costs, general suppliers will provide a certain period of free maintenance costs, when buying to pay attention to signing with manufacturers to purchase and service contracts, otherwise manufacturers do not recognize the account is not possible.
The cost of the new equipment in the later period, with the improvement of the operation, the passenger flow will be less and less if there is no freshness to update the new equipment. Financial constraints, safety issues should be the first consideration, hydropower, fire, equipment maintenance and so on, can not cut corners. If sufficient funds, you can consider installing cameras in the field, that is, easy to manage, but also effective security.