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Now in the market many large amusement equipment, compared with small amusement equipment, large-scale amusement equipment price is very high, actually causes from many aspects, let's look at why simple large-scale amusement equipment price is high, let everyone know the truth, before in investment to buy rest assured.

First, large-scale amusement equipment in the whole of amusement facilities, area is relatively large, so use the most amount of FRP and steel, it increases the cost on raw material, processing technology is much more complicated than small amusement equipment, other workers demand is big, parts requirements more precise, higher request to manufacture these parts of the machine, so the price is on the high side.

Secondly because big amusement equipment, large volume, so to use power also increases, motor compared with small amusement equipment will increase, large amusement equipment operation need electric hydraulic pump and so on, are better to choose the professional quality of the brand, so large amusement equipment form a complete set of electrical components is more expensive.

What else makes large rides expensive? Services! Zhipao is a company specializing in the production of large equipment manufacturers, factory covers an area of 150 mu, the staff 600 people, we not only sell large amusement equipment, and the most strict quality inspection departments, perfect after-sale system, if mechanical failure happens, our workers will solve the problem of equipment within 72 hours, to put into operation.

Although large amusement equipment price is high, but still has a lot of advantages, after buying large amusement equipment, the effect is very obvious, in number, large size so more attractive to customers, so large amusement equipment is essential to any amusement park.