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From the earliest opening in 2012, almost everyone known in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai “over the mountain dragon”, to the present three have been open, six are under construction, only seven years, wide-wing roller coaster quickly popular in China.

Here we will take a look at Wing Coaster, China's more and more popular and increasingly red-riding roller coaster!

S&S series

"Over the mountain dragon" is the "upgraded version" of the wide-wing roller coaster, 4D roller coaster. Unlike ordinary wide wings, the 4D roller coaster, which China Zhipao company can produce , can be independently flipped along with the track design, in addition to its seat suspended on both sides of the main carriage. In addition, the main carriage with the turning of the track gives a three-dimensional ride experience.

At present, only three S&S-designed large-scale 4D roller coasters have been opened in the world, and the other two are located in Japan and the United States respectively. The Oyamasan is the shrinking template car of Japan's Fuji Ekimiya Eejanaika. Some of the enthusiasts who took the other two thought that the ride experience of “Mountain Dragon” was not as good as the other two.

(Eejanaika on X2)

In addition, S&S has also designed a small-scale 4D roller coaster with a Free spin type, which is a new products to Zhipao company in China, zhipao is a large  roller coaster manufacturer in China. This roller coaster with a small footprint is very likely to enter China in this club. Let's wait and see.


However, this Free Spin model's car ride experience is very unfriendly for Xiaobian individuals, and it is basically difficult for roller coasters to enjoy. Compared to the series of 4D over the dragon, Free Spin really has a lot of deficiencies, I believe you can see from the appearance.

B&M series

In 2014, the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai opened China’s first B&M wide-wing roller coaster—a parrot roller coaster.

The following are the basic parameters of the roller coaster:

Height: 50m

Length: 1278m

The maximum speed: 108km/h

Reverse number: 3

Last summer holiday, another B&M wide-wing roller coaster in Chongqing Happy Valley - Wing Fei also opened its doors.

The car and another wide-wing roller coaster, which will be opened in 2019 in Nanjing Happy Valley, Jiangsu Province, are the same model cars. There are a total of five turnovers.

In addition to the wide wing that is about to open in China mentioned above, four more will also be open in recent years.

Fushun, Liaoning, China's hot highland wide wings

The park is expected to open this year and the B&M Hyper Roller Coaster next to the wide wing is also highly anticipated.

Colorful Yunnan Happy World's "Snow Peak Eagle"

The car will also be open in 2018
The Wide Wing of Jiangsu Huayi Brothers Movie World

Wuxi Wanda Paradise's Wings

The car, which will open in 2019 and reach a height of 60 meters, is the world's highest B&M wide-wing roller coaster.

The Intamin Series

At present, most of the world's mainstream wide-wing roller coasters come from B&M, but Intamin has also built wide-wing roller coasters. Unfortunately, Intamin's wide wings may not appear in China in recent years.

Furius Baco

The IntaminU roller coaster in Tianjin Triumph Kingdom can also be said to be a wide-wing roller coaster.

The ride experience of the car is satisfactory, but the LSM catapult is very expensive. Due to various reasons, Big U is now in a closed state. It is a pity.

Like a wide-wing, this type of roller coaster that attracts the public's attention will certainly be the first choice for the Chinese garden. Therefore, it is estimated that there will be more gardens in the future that are interested in such wide-wing vehicles, and they are also willing to money.