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First, in the development and planning stage of theme parks, diversified businesses should be planned for the theme parks to be constructed. To build theme parks should not only provide a full range of tourist products for tourists in the park, also for local citizens don't play in the park, tourists, Internet users to provide catering, accommodation, 4 d movie, theatre performances, network game such as individual products, because the latter is relatively small, the market demand of time especially catering, network game, etc. In addition, on the premise of market opportunities and capital strength, the development enterprises of theme parks can also plan tourism real estate, department store retail and other business forms around the theme parks to be built.

Secondly, when choosing the site of the theme park to be built, it is important to take into account the time change to reduce the tourist flow. When deciding which city to build a theme park, it is not only necessary to compare the population size, consumption capacity and competitive environment of different regions, but also to choose cities with more suitable outdoor activities. In deciding where theme park built in the city, not only want to consider the accessibility of tourists in the park, but also not to play in the park of citizens and tourists can easily access to the theme park for their individual products.

Third, the planning of theme parks should take the realization of business diversification and target market diversification as important goals. Citizens and tourists in the park, the park visitors share the dining, the lodgings, the theatre, 4 d cinema facilities should be planning in the theme park, open toward the theme park respectively inside and outside two channel, channel by inward into the garden. Theme park to cater to children and young people in the planning requirements of recreation programs and services, also want to plan for a specific age old man, young children's recreation projects, and support services for their special needs, because of the retired old people and children travel demand time less volatile, and, in our country is entering an aging society, women retire earlier, and open up the backdrop of the second child, the old man take children to travel, or travel between the two generations has become an important tourism consumption model. In order to diversify the target market of the theme park, the cultural theme and brand name of the park should be highly inclusive.

Fourth, the planning and landscape design of theme parks should conform to the local climate characteristics to mitigate the market fluctuation caused by climate change. In humid and rainy or summer hot, dry area, without destroying park landscape beauty and feasibility under the precondition of the construction, should be for outdoor amusement facilities, outdoor service outlets, swim trails designed canopy, awning, pavilion, gallery of rain facilities. In cities with long winter cold or long summer high temperature, the proportion of indoor recreation items in all recreation items should be increased.

Fifth, theme parks should pay attention to the innovation of recreation projects in the process of operation, so as to extend their life cycle. Due to the theme park market space is usually confined to the surrounding traffic radius 3 hours, once the market most of the tourists because of the feeling at the same radius and lose novelty in a theme park, its operation is easy to go downhill, the theme park industry market competition more intensified the crisis. Therefore, theme parks should timely eliminate the neglected recreation projects of tourists and add new recreation projects based on the investigation of the potential needs of tourists, so as to maintain the attraction of the parks to tourists.

Sixth, theme parks should actively adjust their operation and management to adapt to the time change of tourist flows. Trough, the passenger flow in tourism, theme parks can be through the implementation of price concessions, festival activities, increase the intensity of advertising methods such as all kinds of business on their promotion, at the same time, the part of human resources from mechanical amusement passenger flow down a significant decline in business department transferred to food and beverage, and other passenger flow is relatively small business sector. At the peak of tourist flow, policy makers should reduce the promotion intensity or even stop the promotion according to the degree of overload in the park, and turn the business focus to the service of visitors.