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Ferris wheel is a kind of mechanical power which uses the motor to slow down through the speed reducer and converts the high speed and low torque into the high torque and low speed mechanical power. Usually tire and elastic and have a certain strength of the intermediate mechanism to the wheel. Make it rotate at a low speed.


The Ferris wheel is a large wheel-shaped mechanical building with a gondola cabin on the edge of the wheel. Passengers sit on the Ferris wheel slowly up, overlooking the surrounding scenery from the height. The most common occasion to see the existence of Ferris wheel is the amusement park (or theme park) and the garden tour, as a playground motor game, and roller coaster, the merry-go-round is the "three treasures of paradise". But ferris wheels often exist separately in other settings and are often used as observatories.

  According to the difference of operation organization, Ferris Wheelwheel can be divided into two types: Ferris Wheel wheel and observation Wheel wheel. The cabin of the gravity Ferris wheel is hung on the wheel to maintain the level with gravity, while the cabin on the viewing Ferris wheel is suspended outside the wheel, which requires a more complicated mechanical structure of connecting rod, which can be adjusted synchronously with the position of the carriage to maintain its level.

  The first Ferris wheel , designed by George Washington Ferris , was designed for the Chicago - based exposition , which was built by American George Washington Ferris , for the Paris Tower , which was built at the 2009 Expo in Paris . The first wheel weighs 2200 tons and can ride on the 26th floor with a height equal to 26 floors . It is due to the achievements of the French Philistines , which are now called Ferris Wheel to call this facility , which is the kind of motor wheel we are familiar with .