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 A vertical roller coaster with a maximum drop of 80 meters, equivalent to a drop of more than 20 stories, is the highest vertical drop roller coaster in Asia, with a length of 1250 meters and the longest vertical fall roller coaster in the world. Has nearly 90 degrees vertical dive and surfing experience, a top speed of 120 km / h, equipped with a 3 train compartment, can accommodate 30 people at the same time

The experience of a vertical roller coaster is unprecedented. It will take you up to 80 meters high. When you are still amazed at the spectacular view of the high altitude, it falls vertically, drills into the dark tunnel, runs through the waterway near the ground, splashes up the floral water, glides through the broad lake, and gives you "heaven, drill ground, and flush." The unique experience of waves is fresh and exciting, and it will never be forgotten.

  Roaring, booting, a beautiful left slide, the King of the world's greatest roller coaster-the Vertical Roller. Unlike the usual towed train, it runs in three rows, weighing 18 tons, like an eagle spreading its wings and a heavy fighter bomber, which reminds us of the bravery of a World War II pilot. The train crept up to an altitude of 80 meters above the ground. You and I on board enjoyed the beautiful view of the park forest. Sudden pause-Vertical downward suspension of three seconds countdown, first nearly 90 degrees dive to 112 kilometers per hour, here called 0G slide, roll into the Immelmann loop, easily shake the wide wing and climb up 45 meters, do another vertical maneuver. A second dive into the dark 20-meter tunnel, a circle after the reappearance of the light, skimming across the water toward the azure sea level, celebrating victory in a triumphant 10-meter high water column will spout from the last row of two wingplates, with spray of spray.