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Today is Friday.

Working hard for a week, does the weekend want to play in the amusement park?

 When you relax in the amusement park, have you ever thought about it?

 Who did it silently behind us, and it only made us laugh at the paradise?

The joy of each amusement park is brought about by the very, very many staff who are silently paying behind. What is the work of amusement parks that many people admire? Xiao Bian as an amusement park loyalty fan has also had the privilege of experiencing the experience of working in an amusement park. He also has the privilege of interviewing a lot of friends who work in the amusement park. Let us learn more about the story behind Guang Han!

Roller coaster operator

Q1: How does the experience to operate roller coaster for the first time?

 A: When I first operated the equipment, I didn't feel any special feeling. It was a samba ball and it may be the reason for the small equipment. But when I first operated the roller coaster, I was very excited to see so many buttons on the operation panel. I was very careful to learn the operation process and understand this roller coaster which made by the largest roller coaster manufacturer, as much as sitting on it for the first time.

  Q2: What is the happiest thing at work?

 A: The happiest thing I did when I started this job was to look forward to getting off work every day (shameless face). Well, it's a job. I think that the happiest thing in my previous work was to stand at the entrance post, because I could communicate with tourists, especially to help a tourist, and I would be particularly happy when I was thanked. It is time for the happiest thing in your job to finish a project and get approval.

 Q3: What should I do when visitors spit on the device?

 I have indeed encountered such a thing. The most common ones are not such stimulus projects as roller coasters, but such items as rotating cups and samba balls. We have a set of standard processes. Roughly: stop the equipment in time → comfort the tourists to tell him that it's okay (hand in the water and hand over the paper to the rest area) → inform other tourists to wait patiently and apologize → clean up in time (wash, wipe, air freshener, etc.) → return to normal.

Q4: Do you like this job, why?

 A: More and more like it. I will tell you that it was accidental to enter the industry at first (because there is a snack street next to the company). . . There are two reasons to like it: First, thanks to my leadership. He taught me the ideas and methods I had just entered the workplace. I was deeply impressed. The second is that the theme entertainment industry is very interesting. To provide tourists with services and the best experience, happiness can be passed around. Most of them are peers of the same age. They can play together and like to make friends.

I used to work in the Dinosaur Park. Nothing is a roller coaster. It is a little tired now. Previously played roller coaster just started to be scared. However, I will not be afraid to sit for a long time.

 Then every time you go to work, you will see a lot of people sitting up and preparing for the challenge. You can just put down the pressure bar and you are nervous and afraid to ask you to leave. However, some people still fear the end of the challenge. After the end, we also gave us an incentive. Applaud and cow gestures.

 In fact, it. The staff also hopes that the tourists will have a good time. With a smile, a thank-you note or applause, they will feel very happy to do the job. See the smiles after visitors come and go. It does not feel tired.

 Q5: Isn't it scary to climb a track every day on a roller coaster overhaul?

 I am not afraid to climb the track