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Theme music, just like the movie soundtrack, and amusement park in the park project, landscape and staffs to form a complete amusement park experience, even after the visit you end, also won't get over it soon. The function of theme music is that it can guide tourists' mood and improve their perception of theme parks on this basis.

1.Build stories with the power of music

With more and more guests coming from all over the world, and parks and attractions being built in many countries, it is our responsibility to tell the story in a non-verbal way. And the sound and music design is very helpful for storytelling and emotional connection. You need to make sure that when dialogue or narrative is removed, the guest can still understand the story.

How does music shape a theme park
  Music plays an important role in shaping the experience of theme parks. It coordinates with lighting, landscape environment, clothing and other elements to set off the theme together. Music can be divided into three types.

- background or regional music, help to build atmosphere and transitional plot, you will find that when you walk from one area to another area, hear music resulting in a subtle change. Area music is also a kind of circuit diagram, giving the guest a certain natural and real feeling.

- The function of music is to bring a specific story to life. Like good movie soundtracks, music should be included in the story to help guests understand how to feel. It's a guiding principle, sometimes a supporting role, sometimes it drives the whole experience.

- Music is used in parades, fireworks, stage performances and other live performances. This type of music is mainly played in the foreground and is the key driving element of the story.

Music and site design.Touring music is one of the most challenging and technically demanding attractions. This is also a good perspective lens through which to test creativity, technical ability, and the ability to successfully use music in field activities. Cruise music consists of background music and foreground music. Among them, foreground music comes from float itself, which increases background music changes. From a technical point of view, a cruise usually requires the creation of multiple synchronized tracks to complement background and foreground music. The parade route is a bit like a multiplex in a cinema. Many theaters show the same film in multiple studios, and parades arrive at each area as if multiple studios were showing the same film at different times. If the loop music is too short, guests will hear the same sound over and over again. And for too long, they can never see the whole thing. This is related to the speed and continuity of the float. Too soon, the guests can't fully appreciate the visual design. Too slow, they may be disappointed that they always have to wait for the next car.
Music in other entertainment scenes also faces the same problem when it is designed. They need to set music in other visiting experiences. The theme music needs to connect with the audience quickly so that when the final moment arrives, the best results can be achieved.
The next time you visit a familiar scenic or scenic spot, try plugging your ears for a few seconds to see how it feels. Visual effects may still tell the story brilliantly, but without the ups and downs of the soundtrack, the attraction lacks depth and drama. Good theme music can not only help the story to be more complete, but also help the guests understand the story you are telling when the language is not clear, so as to better experience the amusement park equipment.

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