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For running rides (whole or its parts) technical state inspection appraisal, to determine whether its operation is normal, with or without abnormal signs and degradation, and to track of abnormal situation, predict its degradation trend, determine its degradation and the degree of wear and tear, is called a state monitoring. State before the review aims to grasp equipment failure abnormal symptom and degradation of information, in order to advance to take pertinent measures to control and prevent the occurrence of failure, and thus to minimize downtime and stop loss and reduce maintenance costs and improve equipment utilization effectively.

For running status of amusement facilities, non-stop or monitoring can exact knowledge of the actual equipment features, help determine in need of repair or replacement of parts and components, make full use of the potential of equipment and parts, avoid excess maintenance, saving maintenance costs, reduce outage losses.

The role of status monitoring
Since the emergence of the first machine in the world, equipment maintenance has gone through two stages of post-maintenance and preventive periodic maintenance. After maintenance is the equipment is broken before repair, not bad repair. This kind of maintenance method will lose the best opportunity of equipment maintenance, increase the difficulty of equipment maintenance, increase the maintenance cost, and extend the maintenance time. Preventive regular maintenance generally takes three forms: first, post-inspection maintenance; Second, standardized maintenance; Third, regular maintenance. Preventive maintenance on a regular basis although emphasizes mainly on preventive, however, regular maintenance plan are accurate, whether repair plan and the actual need, depends on the state estimation accuracy. Backward in the past, the state of the equipment often estimated distance with the objective reality, especially for large and complex equipment. To determine the equipment condition and according to the time limit for the repair will happen often mistake, plus regular maintenance too much emphasis on preventive maintenance, the maintenance of the economic effect is not enough attention, only pay attention to the professional management, ignoring the management of the mass. Therefore, the comprehensive effect of periodic maintenance is often less than the cost.

With the rapid development of the equipment condition monitoring and diagnosis technology, equipment state monitoring maintenance gradually popularized and applied widely, has become the current international development direction of maintenance technology and scientific management. Equipment state monitoring is a kind of based on equipment condition maintenance mode of preventive maintenance, it according to the daily check of the equipment, the missile d etection, condition monitoring and diagnosis information, through the statistical analysis to judge the degradation degree of the equipment, failure reasons and positions. And before the failure to timely and necessary maintenance. Due to the maintenance mode of equipment failure parts has strong pertinence, only when the repair will repair or replace or have damaged parts, which can effectively avoid accidental failures and prevent accidents, reduce the cost of equipment maintenance, to shorten the time of the equipment maintenance.

Basic principles of state monitoring
State monitoring is to use the equipment in the process of running with noise, vibration, temperature rise, the quality situation of abrasive wear and amusement facilities, such as information, and affected by the running state of effect phenomenon. Through homework personnel of sensory function or changes to the information of the instrument, as a judge whether the equipment operation is normal, the basis of predict whether failure may occur.

(1) monitoring of noise and vibration information

The measurement of noise and vibration intensity can be used to determine whether there is any abnormality in the operation of the equipment, and then analyze the location of the fault. For example, when there are abnormal noises in amusement facilities, there must be problems with the equipment, and the operators should be able to hear them at the first time, and report and check them in time until the problem is solved.

(2) monitoring of temperature rise information

Of equipment in the sliding bearing of the running time, the place such as rolling bearing, the change of the temperature measurement, by discovering thermal anomalies, judge the fault location of equipment and prevent failure.

(3) monitoring of wear particle information

For rides in the running process of the metal materials of the wear of abrasive are collected (such as important pin shaft wear inspection, etc.), and to measure its diameter size and observe its shape characteristics, whether to prevent failure may occur.

(4) monitor the quality status of important parts of amusement facilities

By analyzing the stress of important parts or structures, and combining with the design, manufacture and installation of these parts, we can predict when they are likely to fail and take corresponding remedial measures.

Simple and common methods of status monitoring
(1) auscultation method

Amusement equipment normal operation, along with the sound always has certain melody and rhythm, as long as familiar with and master the normal operational staff of melody and rhythm, and through the human auditory function can be compared to find out whether equipment appeared abnormal noise, determine whether the loose inside the equipment, impact, unbalanced etc, which is very important for amusement facilities operating personnel. General equipment failure, accompanied by abnormal sound, requires the attention of the operator, listen more and check more, in time to find fault points. As a homogeneous and continuous rolling bearing hiss, the sound from inside the outer ring, roller rotation, including metal has nothing to do with the speed of irregular vibration noise, general performance for the bearing inner lubricating is not enough, should be timely supplement of lubricating oil.

For example, the bearing makes a uniform periodic "hoh luo" sound in the continuous noise, which is caused by the scratches on the rolling body and the inner and outer ring raceway, grooves and rust spots.

(2) the contact measurement method

After running for a period of time, the temperature rise, vibration and the change of the gap can be detected by the touch of hand.

Can you feel 0.1 by shaking the parts with your hands? The clearance size of 0. 3 _ can be felt by touching the parts by hand.

(3) the method of observation

Human vision can be used to observe whether parts of the equipment are loose, cracked or damaged. Check whether the lubrication is normal and there is no dry friction and drip leakage. Detect whether the movement of the equipment is normal or abnormal; To observe the changes of the indicator data of various reaction devices installed on the equipment; Through measuring tools and direct observation of surface conditions, the quality of the equipment is detected * problems related to the working status of the equipment, etc. Then, through the comprehensive analysis of all kinds of information observed, we can make judgment on whether there is a fault, the location of the fault, the extent of the fault and the cause of the fault.

The above simple monitoring plays a good role in guiding the daily maintenance of our amusement facilities. We should apply these simple methods to the practical work to improve the quality of maintenance.

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