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In recent years, China's amusement industry has developed rapidly, and various new paradise emerged in an endless stream. Various excellent roller coasters have also emerged, which is very much anticipated. The good gardens of some developed countries are close to saturation, but many amazing new roller coasters are still open. . The author asked some fans about the question "What are the domestic and foreign paradise that most want to go now?" and came up with a nearly unanimous answer.


Speaking of the paradise that most wants to go in China, Fushun’s Hot High Park tops the list.
"Most of the outstanding domestic theme parks have been visited. After all, the long vacation is limited. The domestic theme parks are close to the water." In the domestic paradise that has not been visited, although it is not the favorite paradise, the most wanting to go is It is the Fushun Hot High Paradise. It must be waiting for his family's ace roller coaster to be open. The B&M roller coaster's box-shaped track meets the feeling of a world-class paradise. Of course, the Beijing ring shadow and sea salt under construction. Six Flags are also very exciting."

“I want to go to the hottest because I have the first B&M Hyper in China”

It can be seen that the first B&M Hyper roller coaster in China has attracted most fans. This roller coaster is located in the high dream world of Fushun, Liaoning. The park is expected to open this year, but there is still no news at the exact time.

At present, Hot High Park has opened four parks. Among them, Jungle Happy World Park has two large roller coasters, which are Shibaolai's “Time and Space” and MVR's wooden roller coaster “Time Trip”, in addition to three small roller coasters.

(Time and Space)

(Time Trip)

Among the four parks that have been opened, the hot spring park also has three roller coasters. They are the most popular roller coaster of Zhipao company and two small family roller coasters.

Zhipao company is the largest roller coaster manufacturer, this company has in this line for many experiences.

(Rage Sea Shark)

In addition, in the dream world that is about to open, in addition to B&M's Hyper roller coaster, the company also built a B&M wide-wing roller coaster with six flips.

In addition to the upcoming high-definition fantasy world, some fans who have not been to Nanchang Wanda Park said that the park is also very exciting.

"At the moment, the domestic garden that I want to go to most should be Nanchang Wanda. I am particularly interested in the wood of their Intamin Mega and GCI. They were also planted by the president to grow GCI wood, which is very bleak."

(Intamin Mega Coaster - roller coaster)

Regarding the two roller coasters in Nanchang Wanda, there have been many articles on the public number, and interested friends can view historical pushes. The author personally believes that the last row of the two roller coasters is very amazing, but Intamin's Mega is only a pure hair dryer.


Like the domestic market, most of the enthusiasts have the same answer in the "most wanted foreign gardens", among which the top spot is the famous Cedar Point Park of the American Cedar Club.

"Foreign: The paradise that I want to go to is of course Cedar Point! Because I haven't been there... I have been screaming at all the various gods who have brushed CP. Personally, there are three favorite parks in North America, respectively. Cedar Club and Six Flags' flagship paradise, including Six Flags Magic Mountain Park and Six Flags Great Adventure Park, have been tasted, and you have a Cedar Point! You want to sit on the highly acclaimed speed machine Top Thrill Dragster, taste it. Some people want to die of Millennium Force, challenge the new beast Steel Vengeance, personally check the vertical vertical Valravn, blow on the Wicked Twister...by the way, enjoy the scenery, so good!"

"Foreign is Cedar Point, because the last time I went to play TTD, resentment. There is also the world's largest RMC, and then the CP is worth going to go."

It can be seen that CP is really a paradise for roller coaster lovers. At present, CP has opened 17 roller coasters, covering a variety of categories, multi-vendors, and almost all custom Layout, very conscience.

In addition to the CP, there are also fans who have named the famous parks such as SixFlags Magic Mountain and Carowinds. Indeed, the parks of Six Flags and Cedar Clubs are very popular.

(Full Throttle of Six Flags Magic Mountain)

Considering the long distance, not yet open, etc., we may not be able to experience the roller coasters in these parks in the short term, but I believe that everyone will have a day of dreams.