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At present,  theme parks are developing at an amazing speed. There are more and more types of parks, which are combined with more high-quality IP. "Theme packaging" is a word that theme park practitioners have talked about frequently in recent years. How to make tourists experience the theme atmosphere and more immersive amusement projects, and integrate them into all aspects within the reach of tourists, is the key to theme packaging, which also indicates that theme packaging plays an important role in the construction of theme parks. In this issue, we will introduce some clever applications and excellent cases of theme packaging. How can you draw a magic touch on the journey through the theme packaging with cultural characteristics

The theme needs packaging and the atmosphere needs to be made

The theme of the theme park is the "soul" of the theme park. The endless creativity and imagination endow the theme park with "life". Theme packaging is the main means of externalizing an imaginative theme. In the early theme parks, the way of telling good stories and depicting wonderful scenes through theme packaging has already been reflected.

Nowadays, most parks are dedicated to making themselves relevant. Whether it's cultural integration, theme packaging, or IP embedding, it's essentially about creating a more immersive experience. Packaging everywhere is designed and built around the customer experience, many people feel that the packaging is just giving visual experience, but a packaging can tell good stories, but watch also should be more interaction and tourists, packing the flexible use of through the theme, let Disneyland theme get sublimation, let visitors enjoy the experience of beyond expectations.


Restoring truth and creating a sense of immersion are the meanings of theme packaging

"Immersive entertainment" in a theme park, in part of the packaging is bearing the Disneyland theme atmosphere and world view to build, the main function of this package is designed to restore the real, true not only in the sense that there is a say of real-life objects do like, but to make the theme in the story, restore a real theme of the world.

Including the packaging of the entrance area, equipment packaging, indoor packaging, fine sculpture, functional building packaging, the packaging of each project area is built to tell its story, which is part of the story. Designers want visitors to immerse themselves in the context of their stories, so their packaging is a constant reminder of another wonderful world


Make the following conclusions about the theme packaging:

(1)In the stage of theme packaging design, we should explore the elements of theme stories as much as possible, pay attention to the integration with various functional Spaces, and design ideas should be creative and understand the corresponding functions, so as to enhance the overall experience. Write wonderful theme story clues, elaborate the story experience line of tourists in the theme space, and arrange proper packaging and sceneries around the experience line of tourists.

(2) are not constrained and the limitation of traditional theme packaging technology and material, make full use of the new high-tech equipment theme atmosphere, theme package manager for all kinds of equipment, such as power tools, interactive projection equipment, lighting scene equipment, special light emitting devices, atmosphere to enhance a deeper understanding of the new high-tech equipment such as equipment, and flexible application.

(3)As the integration force of various professional lines is very important, it requires the management team to have strong professional integration force, to clearly define the professional division, and to fully coordinate the work interface and order of each professional line in the design and construction process.

With the continuous enrichment of technological practices, gradual improvement of standard processes and improvement of the overall quality of domestic theme packaging technology, we urgently need to explore and accumulate culture and stories so as to make the packaging content of theme parks have stronger cultural and story attributes. Theme packaging and scene building require more crafty engineers to polish and shape them repeatedly, and more importantly, they cannot be separated from the ingenious expression of creativity and culture. Only when the two are balanced can the classic theme packaging works be presented.

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