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First,Luxury carousel: luxury merry-go-round is a new type of amusement equipment and developed in Hebei Zhipao. The equipment can be rotated around the vertical spindle, but also ups and downs of the amusement machinery. Belongs to the lower transmission, the design is novel, the mechanism is unique, the shape is beautiful. With beautiful music, people can play both relaxed and happy.They can also experience in the rotation of the Pentium sense of reality and is very popular with the majority of young people, children and girls.

Second, electric control cabinet panel and usage instructions:


Close the power switch of the three-phase of the indicator light, the power supply is normal;
Press the light start button, the light for a transformational flash;
When the passenger is seated, press the electric bell button to warn that the turnaround is about to start;
Press the main engine start button, and the whole machine rotates clockwise;
the lights start or stop as needed;
While the equipment is in operation, If an emergency occurs, press the emergency button, can cut off the whole machine power.
Third, Maintenance the equipment:

Every day after work or before work, it is necessary to carefully check whether the fasteners are loose or not; if there is any loosening of the parts and welds, whether there is any abnormal sound during operation, and if there are abnormal circumstances, stop the car immediately. Find out the cause and remove it completely.
Rolling bearings and gear pairs, butter each month, lubricating oil 3 times a day for rolling bearings.
The site and the whole equipment should be kept clean at all times. If there is dirt in fiberglass, you can clean it with soft cotton yarn and a little detergent, After cleaning, use the car polish.
The whole machine is maintained commonly half a year; want to carry on cleaning to the main drive part, change oil, replace the easily damaged parts, etc.; to the key machine to want to check whether the condition of wear is serious, whether have crack, open welding and so on abnormal; if have discovery must be cleared.