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Breathtaking? Excited? Or a kind of tears mixed with sweat in the sunny weather after the embarrassment?

thrilling? excitement? Or embarrassment of a kind of tears mixed with sweat in the sunshine ?

Of course, not all people have a chance to have a try.

 Many people have experienced the feeling of ride a roller coaster . But not every one have the chance to ride roller coasters for such long time. Thanks to China Zhipao amusement equipment company for giving us this opportunity to try the experience that may be only once in this lifetime. Of course, we didn't do it for the sake of curiosity, but to Increase the sense of stimulation and authenticity in the process of Shooting propaganda video of roller coaster.

On June 18, a group of amusement equipment ,especially roller-coaster enthusiasts from Xingtai invaded Xingtai Zhipao Theme Park. The purpose they came here mainly for the amusement equipment thrilling roller coaster -Zhipao Six loops Roller Coaster.

Six loops roller coaster is made by China's leading roller coaster manufacturer China Zhipao, the tracks and most of the support structures are made of steel and make the Spectacular and domineering appearance. Roller coaster is about 33 meters high, the maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour, track length of about 725 km, with a spiral rolling element. Body with a new style compartment, each passenger compartment two passengers, with pressure on the shackles.

The following is the Oriental side of Xingtai Zhipao Theme Park official video:

Video, the girls hair every time up and down, on behalf of the roller coaster is experiencing a weightlessness.

Roller coaster track extremely smooth, acceleration processing in place, rolling elements without any sense of upside down, wave after wave of weightlessness endless.

Six loops Roller is a unique brave landmark. Roller coaster enthusiasts with a pilgrimage-like mood, sitting on a roller coaster, brush 12 consecutive rounds of madness, to accept more than an hour for the roller coaster baptism.

The ride is full of ritual - cheering and raising their hands at the beginning , stopping and clapping when the roller coaster stops. This is the relaxation of the roller coaster, which is a tribute to the masterpieces of human industry.

The six loops roller coaster in Zhipao Theme park has adopted the new style compartment and a new seats that is more comfortable and more spacious, also is able to lift the weightlessness of the roller coaster. The six loops roller coaster is 32.3 meters high, with a maximum speed of 80kmph, with a flip. It can be said that from the first drop to the beginning, this roller coaster is basically "full speed". First through a small slope with high speed , then go to the other side a screw to turn inside out immediately. After that part the visitor mainly experience the essence of weightlessness small slope, and throw people kept up again, but do not let a person feel discomfort. Weightlessness is floating, smooth, flat and agile, which is a a fluent process. Visitor can think it magic! Then after a turn, the journey is over, without delay, there is no excess. The track is very smooth, the weight is just right, and the seats are not defective. It should be said that the six loops roller coaster is an excellent roller coaster.

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