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Operating procedures for operators of amusement equipment

The operation of amusement equipment is a very important work.Whether the operation is appropriate, how to operate in an emergency is directly related to the safety of personal and equipment.The users of some amusement facilities have accidents due to improper operation or incorrect operation;Some use units have no operating procedures at all;Some units have a simple operation, but they are simple.It is difficult to guarantee the safe operation of the amusement facilities.The operation of the amusement facilities is not only to press the button, it must be connected with the whole amusement facilities and passengers.The operator should observe the amusement facilities and passengers at any time, cooperate closely with the service personnel, and operate according to the regulations reasonably and regularly.In order to avoid improper operation or improper operation procedures of amusement facilities in operation, safety accidents are caused, and the amusement equipment must be checked before operation:

L seat belts, safety handles, etc. Are reliable and not damaged.

Whether the door switch is flexible and securely fastened, the insurance device will work.

There is no obvious deformation, cracking or other abnormal conditions in the pin axis and welding seam of key position.

Bolts, chuck and other fasteners are loose and loose.

The l limit switch fails.

Whether the lubrication points are well lubricated.

There is no breakage and nudity of l wire.

Whether the connection of ground wire is good.

Whether the braking device works.

L shall be operated normally only if the operation is normal after two or more times.

Before operation, ring the bell to make sure the passengers are seated and meet the safety requirements. No idle personnel will be turned on.

When the amusement facility runs, the operator is strictly prohibited from leaving the post.Always keep an eye on passengers and equipment. When there is an emergency, stop and take appropriate measures.

At the end of operation, turn off the total power supply and check the equipment and facilities.

Fill in the safe operation log record of the amusement facilities.