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The four ring roller coaster is designed and manufactured by Hebei Zhipao accroding to the national standard. The total track length of the equipment about 500m. The equipment has dive glide segment, high altitude overturn vertical ring segment,Spiral segment, horizontal ring segment. The train is made up of 4 unit cabin, every cabin could contain 4 passengers. When the tractor lifting the train at the 25meter’s high (the highest point of this equipment), the train run of the hook and sliding. Continuous subduction of a large Angle, two 360 ゜ vertical roll and   360 ゜ spiral roll, in the process of sliding, passengers have altitude, speed, subduction, overweight and weightlessness feeling, have the experience of large centrifugal force.

The specification as follows:

Track length:  500m

Track highest point:  25.2m

Cabin quantity:  4 unit

The number of passengers:   16 person

The fastest speed:  70KM/h

Area: 90m × 40m

Running time:120s

Drive mode of the 4 ring roller coaster:

When the internal braking device released, the train slide to the raising segment. The motor drive chain of the traction device lifts the train to the highest point of the track. And then sliding along the track with the gravitational potential energy, during the sliding, passengers could experience the agravity and overweight.

Drive device of the 4 ring roller coaster:

Reducer:Reducer is a kind of by closed in rigid casing of gear transmission,worm drive and gear-worm drive composed of independent components,commonly used for the original reduction drive device between moving parts and working machine.

Emergency rescue plan

Rescue program: roller coaster due to electrical failure or power failure to stop in the upgrade section, that will trigger the anti-down device fixed in the upgrade section, at this time rescue workers with spare battery connected to the seat jack, you can lift the pressure bar, this time passengers can be along Rescue ladder safely reach the ground.