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On March 17, 2018, through layers of strictly selected, sponsored by the China association of amusement parks in the fourth session of the Chinese amusement industry "ferris award" award ceremony held in Beijing national convention center.This ferris award 15 set up nine categories of amusement industry awards, in thousands of declare units.Hebei Zhipao amusement equipment manufacturing co., LTD., with its products won the ferris prize three awards, were China amusement products quality prize, China amusement product innovation award, China amusement product innovation of science and technology.

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Ferris award recognizes China's amusement industry good paradise , planning and design, amusement equipment, etc., to encourage enterprises to enhance brand awareness, promote healthy development of China's tourism industry.Is regarded as the amusement industry of one of the most important awards, known as "Chinese amusement industry academy".