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When talking about the amusement park , the first amusement equipment we think of is roller coaster, absolutely the first equipment most of us want to get on is roller coaster too.

According to the data statistics, there are more and more people go to amusement park, no matter young or teenager, and most of them want to enjoy is roller coaster. Then I wonder what the appeal is.


Roller coaster, a motor rides, is a common and attractive ride in amusement parks and theme parks. Roller coaster is extremely thrilling ride, also it is basically a very safe equipment and loved by many young people, which is an exciting entertainment tool. The feel and the pleasure we get when we getting on the roller coaster is surprised and fascinated. In the process of riding a roller coaster can not only experience the thrill of adventure, but also reduce the pressure of work and life.


Like the Hebei Zhipao, a China roller coaster manufacturer, has it own outdoor amusement park in Hebei, China, and it’s featured product is four-loop roller coaster, six-loops roller coaster and suspended roller coaster. including the lifting stage, coasting stage, and post- trip stage. The track design of roller coaster is not necessarily a complete loop, you can also design a part of a loop on the track for the way back and forth mobile. Each roller coaster carriage can accommodate 4 people, totally 16 people it can take. These cabins are hooked up to each other like a train.

When the roller coaster has been started, 16 rider begin their trip from climb phase with with an excited mood. And then they are looking forward the feeling of thrill in the coasting stage, they are flying like birds, which is exciting and thrilling. At the most thrilling stage, post-trip stage, most of the riders can not help screaming to release the pressure of work and life . Finally when the passengers still enjoy the feeling of roller coaster they are stopped slowly.


Because of the requirement of the modern world, the amusement park is blooming in every city around the world, and the roller coaster is the apple of the amusement park. If you want to invest in an amusement park, besides, you want to buy a roller coaster, please don’t hesitate to  contact China roller coaster manufacturer!