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Can roller coaster has a history? It is really that.

In fact,roller coaster has a considerable history that worth us to study and exploration!

Let us beginning to learning it right away!

The predecessor of the roller coaster could date back to the year of 1400 .At that time,Russians had a playing game in winter,they seating on the skateboard, descending from a specially built ice slide.Thy call the slide“flying mountain”. Gradually, the colored sled instead of simple skateboard, and multiple slides are pieced together;at night there are torches mounted on both sides of the road in order to lighting.

In the year of 1840, French began to copy this game.Sledding became a covered “Russian Mountain”gliding in on the tracks. Because of the recurring derailments that lead to crashes, many people are still brave enough to experiment with this fantastic facility, although the popularity of such games has been greatly limited. Still have the courage to try.

In 1817, the highest speed of a “Russian Mountain”in Paris reached 64km/h. About thirty years later, French engineers began adding ring reversal to the game.

In the 19C, There was a magical coal truck , although it was used for coal transportation, some “frenzied”people sitting on the coal car and galloping from the top of the mountain to the foothills. The coal car inspired Lamarcus Atenna Thompson to join the roller coaster business.

Character description:

Lamarcus Atenna Thompson was born on 8th,March,1848 in New Jersey, United States. He is a famous inventor and businessman in the United States and the first registered roller coaster in the world. He has created dozens of roller coasters throughout his life, he is known as the “father of roller coasters”. He died on 8th May,1915.

Thompson designed the first roller coaster on 13th, June1884, in New York City, USA. Tourists had to wait for three hour to play. Since then, Thompson has become a major innovator in the filed of roller coaster technology.

Throughout his entire career, he employs the best designers and specialists of different engineers to enhance his roller coaster. He is the legend of the roller coaster community.

After the death of lamarcus Atena Thompson, his chief engineer, John Miller,inherited his career in 1923.

Roller coaster swept the United States with Miller and other top top roller coaster designers,The higher,faster,longer and more exciting wooden roller coasters continue to emerge,in the end of the year 1920,there were over 1500 roller coasters in the world.The “Racer”roller coaster designed by Miller has became a historic landmark in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania.

Since then, with the steel roller coaster has emerged, roller coaster has become popular with the public favorite amusement equipment,being the important project that the theme park can not do without.